Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Simms (Sinbad) gets Luke (Brock Pierce) to the school dance despite a security lockdown of the White House because of a bomb threat, and there, Luke dances with his love interest Katie (Erin Williby) and beats up the bully Rob (Zachery Ty Bryan). However, the Secret Service agents eventually figure out where Luke is, and they arrive at the dance and take Luke and Simms back to the White House. Chief of Security Morton (Art LaFleur) fires Simms for his actions, and Luke is placed under house arrest and made to wear a homing device until his parents were back in town. Since he was unaware that Simms was not allowed to contact him anymore and didn’t say goodbye to him, he believes Simms had abandoned him.

Later on, Luke chats with his online friend, and with the friend’s help he gets the device off of him and goes to meet the friend at the local mall the following day. When the Secret Service agents find out Luke is missing that day, they bring Simms back to question him, and Simms sees this as his last chance to protect Luke. After the agents finish questioning him and leave to find Luke, Simms heads to the mall to his friend James’ (Michael Krawic) spy store, since the tracker for the homing device stored in Luke’s necklace needed recharging. After it is recharged, James tells him that Luke was in the mall.

Luke is met by a now-mentally unstable Woods (Timothy Busfield), the previous agent charged with protecting him, and he kidnaps Luke. Simms stops him during his exit from the mall, and Woods reveals that he is the online friend Luke has been talking to, and then draws a gun. He tells Simms that he originally planned to be the one to return Luke to the White House so he’d be seen as a hero and get his job back, but instead he was now going to kill him, blaming him for the loss of his job and even his marriage. Simms eventually manages to disarm him and knock him into a fountain, but Woods takes out another gun from his ankle holster and shoots at Luke. Simms takes the bullet for him, and arriving agents subdue and arrest Woods.

In the final scene, Morton tells Simms that because of his heroism, he was being offered the job of a presidential bodyguard, but Simms declines, saying he was going to continue to protect Luke.