Submitted by Shane

Fists of Fury
(aka The Chinese Connection)

Chen (Bruce Lee) gets his revenge on Suzuki (Riki Hashimoto) sometime after he gives his students the order to kill all members of jing woo school.  Most of the students weren’t at the school because they were trying to find Chen before the cops do and when they came back, the saw the aftermath of the massacre, all but one student aside are dead, that student reveals that Suzuki attacked them.

Chen quietly goes back to Jing Wu school and Overhears the detective (Lo wei) along with the Japanese consulate  tell his peers that unless he turns himself in that they will close down the school and arrest them. Guilt ridden, Chen then surprises everyone with his return,  he turns himself over to the police, in exchange for their word along with the word of the japanese consulate that Jing Wu school will not be harmed.

As they all walk out the door the school is surrounded by a large crowd and members of the national guard lined up with guns, possibly with the intention of closing down the school permenantly.  Thinking he has been double crossed, Chen lets out one final raging scream and tries to jump over the National guards men.  (The last shot was frozen during mid jump, but gunshots could be heard implying that that Chen was killed off screen.)