Submitted by ND Woods

Hobbs (Michael Caine) doesn’t just steal a million, he empties the entire vault of all its diamond contents. He then flushes them all down the drain, save the Star of South Africa, due to it’s size. This is so he can bankrupt a certain head of the insurance syndicate from King’s Row, and in particular one Sinclair, who fifteen years prior formerly headed the medical insurance company, which denied Hobbs the vital funding needed for his wife’s cancer treatment, leading to her death.

Sinclair blows his brains out, while the Chairman of the Board of London Diamond, Milton Kendrick Ashtoncroft has a fatal heart attack.

Back in the present Laura Quinn (Demi Moore) reveals she donated all her ill gotten gains to various charities in particular those associated with relief work in Africa, bar the Star of South Africa which she still has in her possession to this very day.