Submitted by Dwayne

After a disastrous last stand by El Sordo and his followers, Pablo sabotages the dynamite to prevent fascist uprisings in his camp should the mission to destroy the bridge succeed. However he has a change of heart and joins Robert Jordan and the others in order to prevent reinforcements from overwhelming them. Using hand grenades with wires attached to the pins, Robert Jordan and Anselmo succeed in destroying the bridge while Pablo, PIlar, and Maria create a diversion by attacking the troops stationed nearby, but Anselmo is killed when crushed by debris from the collapsing bridge.

While they are escaping on horseback, a fascist tank shoots Robert Jordan’s horse from beneath him, causing him to fall and maiming him. Know that he will only slow down his comrades, including Maria with whom he has fallen in love with, he convinces them that they must leave him behind, lest they risk being captured or killed. Reluctantly, the others leave without him. Armed with a Lewis Machine Gun, he opens fire on the approaching fascist soldiers. The scene then changes to the same tolling bell that was shown at the beginning of the film, leaving his final fate unknown.