Submitted by Niki

A great French horror movie.
This is a very gory movie, much like Haute Tension without the awful twist, but it’s EXTREMELY good.

At the beginning of the movie there is a bang and the aftermath of a two-car accident. Sarah (Alysson Paradis), who’s pregnant, is injured. Her husband is not so lucky.

Four months later it’s Christmas Eve and Sarah is about to give birth. Her ultrasound goes fine, and while waiting for her mom to pick her up she listens to a nurse complain about her 13 hour labor for her first child, who ended up stillborn. Her mom arrives and tries to stay with her, but Sarah brushes her off. She arranges for her boss to pick her up the next morning to take her to the hospital. There’s rioting in the Paris suburbs, and when a lady comes to her door asking for help she turns her down, saying her husband is sleeping. The lady – La Femme (Beatrice Dalle) – reveals that she knows Sarah’s husband is dead.

Freaked out, Sarah calls the police, but when they arrive they forget to close the door and La Femme slips in. The police leave, telling Sarah that the night patrol will be by later to check up on her.

La Femme finds a pair of scissors and attacks Sarah while she’s sleeping. Sarah fights her off and makes it to the bathroom. Sarah’s boss shows up, worried about her safety, and La Femme passes herself off as Sarah’s mom until Sarah’s REAL mom shows up. The mom runs upstairs and Sarah, thinking she is La Femme, accidentally stabs her in the neck. La Femme then kills the boss.

The reason La Femme is trying to get Sarah is because she wants her baby. She kills the cat. The night patrol shows up, with a prisoner in tow. La Femme blocks the bathroom door with a bookcase and heads downstairs. La Femme kills the first cop with a needle and takes his gun. Sarah chips a hole in the bathroom door to move the bookcase but La Femme comes back and impales her hand on the wall with the scissors. The second cop gets to Sarah and frees her hand but La Femme blows his head off. The third cop, who was outside on the phone, handcuffs the prisoner to his waist and goes in after he hears the shot. He bandages Sarah’s wounds and chases La Femme out the window, but she turns the power off. He tells Sarah to wait in the bedroom while he goes to the fuse box. La Femme kills the cop with a stun gun to the head off screen. The prisoner starts yelling that the woman is back. La Femme then stabs him in the head with her scissors.

La Femme goes back upstairs where Sarah is lying on the bed. She crawls over Sarah and Sarah bites her lip off. Sarah makes it to the kitchen and grabs a knife, but La Femme assaults her with a toaster. Sarah collapses. La Femme kneels over her and lights a cigarette; Sarah grabs a can of spray and lights her face on fire, then gives herself a tracheotomy with a needle. She duct tapes her throat, makes a spear out of a pole and a knife, then grabs a camera and flashes the house looking for La Femme.

She finds La Femme in a closet, and as she goes to stab her La Femme asks if she is going to kill her again. We flash back to La Femme driving the other car in the accident. She is also pregnant. The crash sounds again and the aftermath is shown. Sarah says there were no survivors. The lights suddenly come back on and the third cop is in the corner, fumbling around. Sarah says, “Police?” and the cop turns around to reveal he has no eyes. He swings his nightstick wildly over and over, hitting Sarah in the stomach. La Femme rushes out and stabs him to death with Sarah’s spear.

Sarah tries to crawl up the stairs to the bathroom, but doesn’t make it. Her labor is kicking in and she screams that the baby’s stuck. La Femme comes over with the scissors and cuts her clothes away to reveal Sarah’s stomach, then starts…basically doing a home c-section. La Femme cradles the child and walks to a rocking chair as the camera pans over all the carnage. Yes, Sarah is left sliced wide open on the stairs.

La Femme rocks in the dark, cradling an eerily silent child.