Submitted by John L

With the help of Olaf the snowman and Kristoff the ice cutter, Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) reaches the ice castle where her sister, Queen Elsa, has secluded herself. She tries to convince Elsa to return home, but she only infuriates Elsa, who hits Anna with her magical ice, and creates a giant snowman to throw them all out of the ice castle.Anna’s hair begins to turn white. Kristoff decides to take her to the trolls who had raised him, for advice

In the meantime, Anna’s fiance Prince Hans leads a team to the ice castle, where they capture Queen Elsa and return her to her home in chains.

The trolls tell Anna and Kridtoff that Anna’s heart has been frozen, and that she will die unless she receives an act of true love. Everyone assumes this means Anna will be restored to health by a kiss from Prince Hans. Kristoff takes Anna home on his reindeer Sven. She seeks out Hans and tells him that only his kiss can save her life- at this point, Hans reveals that he never loved Anna! He was merely evil and ambitious, and planned to marry either Anna or Elsa, in order to gain a throne for himself. Hans locks Anna in a sitting room, then tells all his servants and soldiers that she is dead… but he claims to have married her, which makes him the rightful ruler of the land. As acting king, he declares that Queen Elsa is guilty of murder and treason, and announces his intention of killing her.But when Hans goes to the dungeon to kill Elsa, she uses her magical ice powers to break out.

The weak, dying Anna goes out after Elsa. She sees Kridtoff riding back toward her on Sven the reindeer, and we think Kristoff may save Anna by kissing her… but before that can happen, Anna sees Hans approaching Elsa with a sword, about to kill her. Anna’s entire body is beginning to turn to ice, but with her last breat hand her last ounce of strength, Anna stops Hans from killing Elsa. Anna stands completely frozen. Her sister Elsa, weeping profusely, hugs the frozen Anna. But Anna’s self-sacrifice WAS an act of love (just not romantic love), and this act melts the hearts of both sisters. Anna returns to normal, and Elsa realizes that love is the secret to controlling her magical powers.With this relization, Elsa removes the snow and ice from her kingdom… but she uses her magic to keep Olaf the snowman alive even in the heat.

Hans is sent in chains back to his homeland, where his family will punish him. Anna seems on the verge of marrying Kristoff. And a happier Queen Elsa turns the royal courtyard into a huge ice skating rink, open to all. She will no longer be a recluse ,and she will no longer close the gates of her nation to outsiders.