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Furiosa defeats Dementus – the man who kidnapped her and tortured and killed both her mother Mary and later, her lover Jack. Furiosa then plants a tree inside of Dementus, so that new life can emerge from the old. The film ends with Furiosa smuggling Immortan Joe’s wives into her war rig so that she can liberate them from the Citadel and Joe’s tyranny (as seen in Mad Max: Fury Road).

Long Ending:
Furiosa (Alyla Brown) grows up in a secluded oasis, one of the last few places with fresh food and water in the post-apocalyptic landscape. She is kidnapped after trying to sabotage the motorcycles of some gang members who stumbled upon the oasis. The gang members bring her to their leader, a brutal man named Dementus (Chris Hemsworth). Furiosa’s mother, Mary Jabassa (Charlee Fraser), attempts a rescue, but they are both recaptured. Mary dies at Dementus’ hands as he tries to torture Mary for the location of the oasis. Furiosa also refuses to talk. However, Dementus (having lost his own children during the apocalypse) essentially adopts Furiosa as his own daughter. She bears witness as Dementus uses savage means to increase the numbers of his gang. The only memento of home she has is a seed from a peach tree.

Dementus eventually learns of a thriving city built inside giant rock formations called the Citadel. The Citadel pumps clean underground water into a cistern located at the top, where they also grow crops. It is run by an equally ruthless warlord named Immortan Joe (Lachy Hulme). Dementus and his gang attack the Citadel, but they are easily defeated as the fortress is virtually impregnable. Undeterred, Dementus spies on the Citadel and realizes that it is engaged in trade with two local towns. In exchange for food and water from the Citadel, Joe gets oil and gas from a city called Gastown and then obtains ammo from a foundry called the Bullet Farm. Dementus is able to infiltrate and then take over Gastown, thus forcing Joe to the bargaining table.

Ultimately, Dementus strikes a deal with Joe. In exchange for Furiosa (who Joe wants as a breeder) and one of his men called the Organic Mechanic (who has valuable medical knowledge), Joe agrees to increase the amount of food and water sent to Gastown. Furiosa eventually manages to escape the cells where Joe stores women for breeding and dresses as a boy. She eventually begins working as a mechanic, building heavily armored (and armed) war rigs that Joe uses to transport food, water, gasoline, and ammo.

After years pass, a now adult Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy) attempts to escape by attaching herself to the bottom of a war rig as it drives to Gastown. Unfortunately, the war rig is attacked by some gang members that abandoned Dementus. She and the war rig driver, a man named Praetorian Jack (Tom Burke), are the only survivors. After learning of her desire for freedom, Jack agrees to take her on as his apprentice so she can launch a proper escape in the future. Furiosa becomes as skilled a driver as Jack, also earning the rank of praetorian. The pair also fall in love and agree to run away together.

Under Dementus’ leadership, things in Gastown have fallen apart. Despite the water and food shipments, his people are starving and on the verge of revolt. Immortan Joe and the leader of the Bullet Farm decide to attack Dementus and take him out. They order Jack and Furiosa to go to the Bullet Farm and get all the ammo they can. During this mission, Jack and Furiosa plan to escape. However, upon arrival at the Bullet Farm, they find Dementus had anticipated Joe’s plan and taken the Farm over himself while the Farm’s leader was away. He ambushes Jack and Furiosa. They fight valiantly but are eventually subdued. Dementus tortures and kills Jack in front of Furiosa (Dementus not realizing who she is now that she’s grown up). During the spectacle of Jack’s death, Furiosa saws off her own arm that was handcuffed to Dementus’ truck and successfully escapes back to the Citadel (her escape is implied to have been assisted by Mad Max Rockatansky). When she tells the leaders of Dementus’ actions, they formally declare war against him.

Furiosa recovers and builds herself a mechanical arm. She goes to the war front to find Dementus’ forces have been utterly defeated. Dementus, however, has escaped into the desert. Furiosa hunts Dementus down and forces him to surrender to her. Finally recognizing her, a gleeful Dementus says that he doesn’t mind if dies because he knows his legacy of hate and vengeance will live on through her, his “daughter.” She repudiates his claim, saying she will prove she is nothing like him. She then kills Dementus (although there are several theories presented by the narrator as to how this was accomplished, Furiosa claims that she planted the peach seed inside him and it grew into a tree, which erupted from his stomach). The movie ends with Furiosa smuggling Immortan Joe’s enslaved wives onto her war rig so that she can free them from the Citadel and Joe’s tyranny, thus kicking off the events of Mad Max: Fury Road.