Submitted by Tracey

Fury, the sole remaining tank, arrives at the crossroads but hits a mine in the road disabling it.

Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) sends the rookie Norman (Logan Lerman) up the road to scout. Norman returns on the run saying a German SS regiment is on it’s way. The crew debates making a run for it as they are vastly outnumbered but Wardaddy decides to stay and make a stand and he orders the rest of his men to head for the forest to escape. One by one they join him on the tank and prepare for battle.

They endure a incredible firefight killing many Germans, but they are eventually killed one by one until only Wardaddy and Norman remain. Wardaddy tells Norman to go out the bottom escape hatch as he hold off the now boarding Germans until he is killed by their grenades.

Norman lays in the mud until dawn when he returns into the tank and covers the body of Wardaddy and takes his six shooter. Norman is rescued by American troops and is placed into an ambulance and he gazes at the remains of the Fury tank as it drives away.

As the camera widens, we see the dead remains of the many, many German soldiers that this tiny tank crew killed.