Submitted by ShAyDeDeNiGmA

The mastermind behind Project Clusterstorm was not Saber (Bill Nighy) but Agent Speckles (Nicholas Cage) himself. Turns out, Saber was working with other companies to sync up all Saberling appliances in order to make life easier for the common consumer. Instead, Speckles disguised his identity as one of the investors/engineers to use the software program to activate all the appliances to become killing machines. He would then use the appliances to attract space junk to crash onto the planet to exterminate mankind the same way that humans have exterminated his family and destroyed his home for a golf course.

Agents Darwin (Sam Rockwell), Juarez (Penolope Cruz), Blaster (Tracy Morgan), and Hurley (Jon Favereau) manage to stop Speckles from destroying the planet and they successfully shut off Project Clusterstorm.

The G-Force project is restarted due to their success in stopping Speckles and new recruits are being enlisted into the team.