Submitted by Jeremy

The Spenglers – Callie (Carrie Coon), Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) – plus Mr. Grooberson (Paul Rudd) move to New York City to become full-time Ghostbusters. However, the original team’s nemesis, Walter Peck, now mayor of the city, is still looking for reasons to shut them down, especially with someone as young as Phoebe in their employment. Meanwhile, Ray Stanz is given a mysterious orb by a man named Nadeem Razmaadi. The orb contains an ancient evil ghost named Garraka, who, if set free, can bring about a new ice age.

Phoebe befriends a ghost girl named Melody, unaware that she is working for Garraka in exchange for his help in crossing over to be with her family. When Phoebe separates her spirit from her body to be on the same physical plane as Melody, she reveals her true motives by having Garraka possess Phoebe’s body since only a human can read the incantation necessary to free him. Garraka plans to unleash all the ghosts captured by the team since 1984 to bring about “the death chill”, produced by the fear of everyone in the city. Extreme ice and cold begins to overtake the city as Garraka goes free.

With Peck having shut down the Firehouse due to an earlier incident, the Ghostbusters go to a research facility bankrolled by Winston Zeddemore where they have spare equipment and more containment units. Nadeem joins the fight because he comes from a line of fighters called Firemasters, and his ancestors were the ones who previously imprisoned Garraka inside the orb. The demon ghost makes his way to the facility and breaks open the containment unit. However, Ray figures that the facility can be retrofitted into an even bigger trap. The old team (Ray, Winston, Peter Venkman, and Janine Melnitz) and the new (Phoebe, Trevor, Lucky, Podcast, Callie, Grooberson, and a new guy named Lars) team up with Nadeem and a remorseful Melody to utilize both the proton energy and the firebending powers to trap Garraka once and for all. Melody also crosses over after saying goodbye to Phoebe.

The Ghostbusters are once again seen as heroes, and Peck has no choice but to voice his support for them. Slimer and a sewer ghost escape, leading the Spenglers and Grooberson to go after them as a family.

01 hours 55 minutes