Submitted by Julio M

When Simone (Deborah Ayorinde) shows up at the club where the four friends are celebrating Ryan’s (Regina Hall) deal and Julian (Larenz Tate) is performing, Sasha (Queen Latifah) comes forward and pulls her aside -this, seen by Ryan-, only to be told by Simone that she is pregnant with Stewart’s (Mike Colter) child. It is here that Ryan tearfully admits to her friends that she is infertile, reason for which she has been mostly tolerant about the affair.

Stewart manipulates Ryan into staying together, for the sake of the joint deal. Ryan has the intention of getting in front of the whole scandal and asks Sasha for the polemical picture; unfortunately, Simone -who had offered Sasha an exclusive of “juicy details and photos” of herself and Stewart but, also, threatened to go public about the affair- sells the story to TMZ and Ryan gets into a fight with Sasha over it, thinking she leaked the story. Lisa (Jada Pinkett) and Dina (Tiffany Haddish) get dragged into the quarrel and they all have a fallout.

However, they all make up fairly quickly. Sasha decides to terminate her gossip blog as atonement for all the trouble she feels she caused through it. The three friends band up and go support Ryan, who is to give an inspirational speech. Upon seeing them, she stops the speech, openly admits the affair is real and acknowledges the importance of her friends in her life, which draws a standing ovation from the audience. Sasha and Ryan make amends, Elizabeth (Kate Walsh) -Ryan’s agent- announces the deal is still on, only with Ryan, and she asks Sasha to be her partner, to which Sasha agrees.

The movie ends with scenes of the four friends enjoying the rest of the trip in different events -including a parade-, having reassured their bond, and shows Ryan in a relationship with Julian, obviously having called it quits with Stewart for good.