Submitted by Evil Ed

“Andi” (Janelle Monae) is actually her twin sister, Helen. Andi apparently killed herself and Helen hired Blanc (Daniel Craig) to figure out why.

Miles (Edward Norton) is a fraud. He got rich off of Andi’s work. Andi had the napkin, so Miles killed her. Duke (Dave Bautista) saw Miles outside of Andi’s house, so Miles gave Duke pineapple juice, inducing a fatal anaphylactic reaction.

The journal in Helen’s pocket saves her life when Miles tries to shoot her with Duke’s gun.

Miles burns the napkin, and the rest of the party guests, all of whom have been blackmailed by Miles in some way, refuse to testify. Helen goes berserk and starts destroying all of the glass sculptures. The other guests join in. Helen sets a fire, throws in a piece of Klear that Blanc had given her, the mansion explodes, and the Mona Lisa is destroyed.

With Miles’ fortune gone, the group has a change of heart and will testify. Police boats swarm towards the island.

02 hours 19 minutes