Submitted by Spectre

Recovering from an awful breakup, Wes (Ryan Kwanten) finds himself trapped in a rest stop bathroom in the middle of nowhere. A voice from a closed stall begins to speak to him. It claims to be Ghatanothoa (J.K. Simmons), a demigod tasked with destroying humanity and the universe by his father. However, Ghatanothoa has come to value humanity and wants no part of it. He has selected Wes to help him transcend to the ethereal plane but it requires a sacrifice from Wes, and Ghatanothoa admits he cannot guarantee Wes will survive it.

Wes is incredulous and disbelieving and tries multiple times to escape to no avail. A maintenance man arrives, and Wes tries to get help from him, forcing Ghatanothoa to viciously dismember the man. After much convincing, Wes agrees to help, by carving out part of his liver. In doing so, memories of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend emerge. It was no normal breakup. She had accidentally discovered that he was a serial killer and he murdered her to protect his secret. His heartbreak is over losing her, having to kill her, and perhaps ultimately realizing no one could stop him from being a monster.

Gotten what he needed, Ghatanothoa vanishes into the ether, and Wes weakly proclaims he is a hero for saving the universe. Ghatanothoa tells him he is not; like him, Wes is an entity of destruction and deserves to die alone and forgotten. Wes defiantly exits the bathroom but dies shortly after outside, clutching a teddy bear his girlfriend once gave him.

01 hours 19 minutes