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Kamikaze pilot Koichi Shikishima (Ryunosuke Kamiki) survives an encounter with legendary monster Godzilla, but feels survivor’s guilt over what happened. He returns to Tokyo where he forms a makeshift family with a stranger, Noriko (Minami Hamabe), and an orphaned baby that they name Akiko.

Godzilla resurfaces years later after being mutated by U.S. nuclear tests. The beast proves to be seemingly indestructible, as any attempts to kill it only lead to it regenerating. After destroying a vessel on the water, Godzilla attacks the city of Ginza, where Noriko works. Koichi tries to save her, but Godzilla fires its heat blast, decimating the city and seemingly killing Noriko.

One of Koichi’s friends, Doc, comes up with plans to trap and kill Godzilla on the water, while Koichi tries to avenge Noriko by finding an old comrade and getting a jet filled with explosives to blow up inside Godzilla. Doc’s plans fail and nearly get everyone killed until Koichi flies the jet into its mouth, ejecting before the explosion. Godzilla’s head blows up, and the rest of its body crumbles into the ocean.

Koichi returns home and finds that Noriko survived the attack, but now has radiation sickness. Meanwhile, a piece of Godzilla’s flesh starts to regenerate underwater, suggesting the great monster isn’t totally dead.

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