Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Nick (Christopher Jacot) and Sasha (Joanne Kelly) end up falling for each other during the trip and even have sex at a pit stop, but Nick regrets it afterward. He tells Sasha that sleeping with her was a mistake and that he still intends to propose to Trish (Katheryn Winnick), but it’s quite clear that he is now feeling very conflicted about this. 

With some freak help from the rap group Swollen Members, the quintet make it to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. Nick finds Trish, and she attempts to take him somewhere more private so they can make out, but the problem is, her choice of setting has a window that Sasha and Nick easily see each other through. Sasha casts a look of disappointment and heartbreak at Nick and then walks off into the crowd. Nick admits to Trish that he was unfaithful, and essentially tells her that he has fallen for this other woman and is ending their relationship (which is good, because Trish had been unfaithful as well). Trish angrily kicks him in the face and storms off.

He then tries to find Sasha, but gets caught by Emile (August Schellenburg). He tells Nick that he’ll kill him if he marries Trish, but Nick informs him that he broke up with her and wants Sasha now. Emile lets up on his aggression and confesses that his parents had hired him to go after him and sabotage his proposal plans. As a way of apologizing for all of the trouble he caused him and his friends during their journey, Emile gives Nick his beat-up car so he can go find Sasha. Nick collects Tyler (Shawn Roberts), Dime (Ryan Belleville), and Jill (Mayko Nguyen), and then they take off to find her.

The four head to Sasha’s hometown in Newfoundland, since Tyler remembered Sasha telling him at the awards show that she was going to go back there, having given up her dreams of being a musician. Nick is directed to a restaurant where she is waitressing. He gets some alone time with her, and she initially wants nothing to do with him, but he makes it clear to her that she is truly the one for him. They kiss, and then they watch with laughter as Tyler and Dime go bodyboarding amidst the nearby icebergs.