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No, not the video game, the movie.
One of the funnest movies ever made and an amazing effort from 23 year old Ron Howard as writer, director & actor in this film.

Paula Powers (Nancy Morgan) and Sam Freeman (Ron Howard) are in love.  Her wealthy parents are trying to force her to marry Collins Hedgeworth (Paul Linke) who is a very rich, spoiled mama’s boy.  When her parents take her car keys, she gets her dad’s keys.  

Paula and Sam take off in dad’s Rolls Royce to Las Vegas, the closest place where they can get married immediately with no waiting period.  

Collins takes off in hot pursuit.  Collins calls in to Curly Q Brown, a radio shock jock.  Collins says his fiancee has been abducted and offers a huge reward to anyone who can stop Sam & Paula.  Collins’s mother then calls in and says she is worried about Collins in pursuit, and she offers another huge reward to anyone who brings Collins safely home to her.  

At this point everyone you can imagine is after them in hot pursuit, including mechanics, tow truck drivers, the mob and an evangelist with a bus full of his followers.  

Sam & Paula make it to Las Vegas and get married before everyone catches up with them.