Submitted by Joseph C

A standard by-the-numbers Western.

Telford is the bad rich guy in the small town who is stealing the land from others.  He hires gunslinger Reb Kittredge (Audie Murphy) to kill Dan Saxon.  On the stagecoach into town, Reb meets and falls for Saxon’s daughter Rita.

Saxon loses at cards on purpose, so Reb wins the ranch.  Now Reb is the landowner against Telford.  Reb must get the cattle to market to save the ranch.  Telford tries plenty of sleazy tricks to block the cattle drive.  Reb gets the cattle to market, saves the ranch and wins Rita’s love.

When Reb turned against him, Telford sent for another hired gun, Johnny Lake.  Lake and Reb are friends, but the payoff for killing Reb is a lot of money.  When Telford goes to shoot Reb himself, Lake shoots Telford, choosing to lose the money and save his friend.