Submitted by Tornado Dragon

During Russell’s (Leigh McCloskey) time at Busterburger University, he falls for Mia (Debra Blee), the daughter of Busterburger’s owner Lyman Vunk (Charles Tyner), and she returns his interest, culminating with them sharing a kiss while she is helping him study for the final exams. Unfortunately, her abrasive boyfriend Drootin (Dick Butkus) – who greatly dislikes Russell – catches them in the act without them knowing, and he decides to ruin Russell’s chances of passing the exams.

After Russell and the featured students get past the oral exam, Drootin puts them all in a Busterburger location for their final exam. He tells them that they will be operating the restaurant for the next eight hours and will also get a surprise inspection from himself and Lyman at some point, and he selects Russell to manage the establishment. After he departs, Drootin puts in motion some plans to ensure that everyone will have a very terrible time running the place.

He starts by sending in a bus full of obese people from an “eating club” that depletes the food supply. The team tries to drive them out by giving them milkshakes spiked with an industrial laxative, but they all crowd the bathroom while a Japanese man is in there, and when he takes a picture, the fire of the flash bulb combined with all of their flatulence results in the bathroom exploding. Drootin also hijacks the drive-thru speaker, and through posing as the manager, he provokes the ire of a black motorcycle cop by insulting his race and his profession. Later, Drootin sends a biker gang into the restaurant that winds up trashing the place when they discover that there are no burgers left, during which the insulted motorcycle cop reappears with a squad of other black cops. However, instead of arresting the gang, they join in on the demolition. After both groups leave, Russell spots Drootin outside and realizes that he is the one responsible for all of their misery. Drootin then hears an approaching truck full of chickens and senses another opportunity to worsen things for the Busterburger team, so he drives at the truck head-on, causing the driver to swerve out of his way and go plowing into the restaurant.

At first, the team is ready to accept failure, but Russell gives an inspiring (if silly) speech telling them of what upsides they can bring to the situation, specifically to use the many dead chickens to create a new chicken sandwich for the restaurant, and tells them to clean the place up so they can get back to business. Just then, Lyman, his wife, and Mia show up in their limousine for the inspection, and though Lyman is initially quite displeased with what he sees and Drootin tells him that they deserve to be flunked, Sister Sara (Barbara Whinnery) eats a bit of a dead chicken that has been cooked in the fry vat and remarks “It’s tasty, by God!”. Liking this exclamation, Lyman decides to market the franchise’s new chicken sandwich (which had already been planned) with Sara’s remark as its slogan and make her the symbol of it as “The Frying Nun”. He tells Drootin to give everyone an A grade, and also promotes Drootin to the executive board of Busterburger for forging such an outstanding group. Drootin then takes the opportunity to tell everyone that he and Mia are engaged.

Not wanting to see Drootin have a happy ending after all the hell he has put them through, Prestopopnick (John Young) secretly passes Russell his shocking device that he uses to stop himself from overeating, and Russell then tells Mia to hug Drootin. As they embrace, Russell links the device to Drootin’s genitals and switches it on, giving him a nasty shock. Nacio (Jack Blessing) then hands him a milkshake to cool himself off with, and Drootin spills it all over Lyman. Believing that Drootin is a man unable to control himself, Lyman angrily rescinds his promotion and demotes him to picking up litter at the campus. Lyman’s wife offers the students a ride in the limousine back to the university, and before Russell leaves with them, he orders Drootin to clean up the restaurant. 

Russell and his fellow classmates graduate from Busterburger University, and with his new degree, Russell can now access the trust fund left to him by his grandfather. Magneto (Chip McAllister) earns a Lifetime Achievement Award (for some weird reason) and then sings a funky version of the company’s jingle to wrap up the movie.