Submitted by Evil Ed

Franco Zeffirelli’s somewhat eccentric, Italian, Medieval take on the story of the melancholy Dane is, nonetheless, entertaining, with spectacular fight choreography by the legendary William Hobbs.

The movie follows the Shakespeare play, so Gertrude (Glenn Close) drinks the poisoned chalice meant for Hamlet (Mel Gibson), Hamlet and Laertes (Nathaniel Parker) exchange weapons and stab each other with the poisoned blade, and Hamlet both stabs King Claudius (Alan Bates) with the poisoned blade and pours the poison down King Claudius’ throat. Ophelia (Helena Bonham Carter) had committed suicide earlier. Polonius, (the late, great Ian Holm), had been stabbed to death by Hamlet through the arras.

Some characters are omitted, and dialogue both left out and tweaked in order to get the running time down. Fortinbras does not show up at the end.

Hamlet, Gertrude, Laertes, and Claudius all die. Horatio (Stephen Dillane – of Game of Thrones fame) lives on to tell the tale.

02 hours 15 minutes