Submitted by Spectre

Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre) steals the armored car and goes to a chop shop to open it. Donnie (Joe Anderson) and his cousin Alex are inside, so Bug threatens them with suffocation to make them open the doors.

Billy (Rossif Sutherland), the crew member Bug did not like is shot by him and left to die in the streets. Dick (Timothy Olymphant) picks him up and they all meet at the chop shop. Bug kills Billy for good this time and runs off with Dick. Donnie stays behind and his cousin covers for him. Alex had previously put a paint bomb in the bag of money Bug took.

Dick and Bug are driving along when the bomb explodes and destroys the cash. They move to a nearby farm where Bug wants Dick to stay with him as he think Dick will rat him out. Dick shoots his gun, spooking Bug’s horse. He regains control only to hit a low branch hard, killing him. Instead of running, Dick waits for the cops.

Dick gets a four year sentence and is released. Donnie is waiting for him and drives him home. In a stack of tapes, he finds one labeled “Bug” confirming he stole his cassettes all those years ago. They continue to drive, their future plans unknown.