Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Beaupre (Olek Krupa), Alice (Rya Kihlstedt), Jernigan (Lenny von Dohlen) & Unger (David Thornton) eventually figure out that Alex (Alex D. Linz) has the chip, so they go to his house to get it. However, he knows that they know he has it, so he sets up booby traps all over the house. With those traps, he incapacitates Alice, Jernigan & Unger. He then saves Mrs. Hess (Marian Seldes), tied up in her garage by Alice and freezing, but Beaupre emerges from a hiding place there. With a gun, he tries to make Alex give him the chip, but Alex points out that he has a toy gun, and then Alex produces what looks like a real gun. Beaupre flees, but it turns out Alex’s gun was just a toy, too. Alex gets Mrs. Hess into her home to warm her up, and she realizes what a good kid he truly is.

Alex’s family, the police, and the FBI show up, and Alex gives the FBI the chip. His family apologizes to him for not believing him about the robbers. The cops arrest all but Beaupre, who is shown to be hiding in Alex’s igloo. Alex’s parrot finds him, and he threatens to light the fireworks in there and give him away, but Beaupre offers him a cracker. The parrot demands two, but Beaupre can’t give him another, so the parrot lights the fireworks, alerting the cops, and they come and arrest Beaupre.

Mr. Pruitt (Kevin Kilner) arrives home that evening, and Molly (Scarlett Johansson) tells him that Alex was going to be given a six-figure cash reward by the computer company who owned the chip for his efforts. Mr. Pruitt then gives Alex a new remote control car.

The last scene shows the robbers getting their mug shots taken, and they all have Alex’s chicken pox.