Submitted by Tornado Dragon

At a party, Michael (David Moscow) tries to make sexual advances on Honey (Jessica Alba), but she rebuffs him. Angered by this, he fires the kids she wanted to have dance in Ginuwine’s (himself) music video, which prompts her to quit his company. He then makes an effort to prevent her from finding work, which makes her unable to raise enough money to buy the community center, which she wanted to convert into a dance studio. Also, Benny (Lil’ Romeo) – despondent over not being in the Ginuwine video and losing faith in himself – joins a gang, and soon gets arrested in a sting operation and is sent to juvenile hall.

Honey decides to do a charity dance show to raise the money to buy the center. She also visits Benny before his release and gets him to understand that he was better than the hoodlum way of life, and he leaves the gang when he gets out. Meanwhile, Michael has problems with Missy Elliot (herself), because she wants Honey to be the choreographer for her next music video. He finds Honey and offers to buy the center for her in exchange for her coming back to work for him, but his offer is – not surprisingly – dismissed.

The charity show is a complete success, and Missy Elliott arrives at the end of it so she can hire Honey personally. The movie closes with Honey teaching the hip-hop group Blaque dance moves for their next music video at her new dance studio.