Submitted by Melissa S

After Dracula’s wife is murdered by an angry mob of humans, he takes his baby daughter Mavis away, and builds a resort exclusively for monsters far from all humans.

On his daughter’s 118th birthday, she wants to explore the world having never left the resort. Dracula sets up a fake town full of actors to convince her humans are too evil to expose his daughter to, and she returns home afraid of humans just as he planned.

A human traveler, Jonathan, stumbles upon the resort, being the first human to ever find the place. He and Mavis fall in love. Dracula disapproves because he is human, and sends him away. Dracula realizes his daughter loves the boy, and goes out to bring him back. While trying to bring him back, Dracula runs into a Monster party in Transylvania. He realizes that people have changed since the death of his wife, and people now adore all monsters.

Dracula finds Jonathan, brings him back to Mavis and reunites the two. They spend her birthday together, and live happily ever after.