Submitted by Tornado Dragon

While secretly investigating a party Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) are throwing in their dorm, Gerald (T.J. Thyne) is seduced by the smell of the special marijuana plant they grew with Ivory’s (Chuck Davis) ashes, so he steals it and ends up smoking almost all of it. As Silas and Jamal fret over how they will keep their grades up without the Ivory marijuana, Silas suggests that they simply study for a few hours every day while high on regular marijuana, but Jamal suggests that they find a “smart dead guy” in the nearby cemetery and smoke his remains. They end up trying out both plans, and both of them fail. Gerald eventually gives them back the now-nearly barren plant at the urging of Ivory’s ghost, who had appeared to him during one of his binges.

Silas and Jamal continue to fail their courses, much to the sheer delight of their nemesis Dean Cain (Obba Babatundé), and when he comes to believe that the duo won’t pass their final exams, he tells them that they have a few days to get out of Harvard. They quickly consider themselves defeated, but their friend Jeffrey (Justin Urich) encourages them to not let Cain win, and tells Silas that if he perfects the truth serum he has been working on for Professor Wood’s (Tracey Walter) botany class and gets an “A” on it, the university will have to keep him. Silas takes his advice, and eventually perfects it by adding the last of the Ivory marijuana to it.

Silas and Jamal later get into the university alumni celebration that Cain had earlier denied them invitations for due to their low grades, thanks to Jamal’s new girlfriend Jamie (Essence Atkins) bringing them both as her dates, as her father – the U.S. Vice-President (Jeffrey Jones) – is an alumnus. During the event, Silas tosses his truth serum into the fireplace, and the smoke from it disperses throughout the whole room and gets everyone stoned and unabashedly honest, including the Vice-President. Silas’ love interest Lauren (Lark Voorhies) later presents an artifact of Benjamin Franklin’s that she had been studying and tells everyone that she has discovered it to be the first bong ever made. Cain expresses outrage at this, but the ghosts of Ivory and Benjamin Franklin (Joe Ochman) appear before everyone’s eyes and confirm that it is indeed a bong (the “Liberty Bong”, in fact). Chancellor Huntley (Fred Willard) then fires Cain, having had enough of his overall attitude. Cain soon goes ballistic and attempts to kill Silas and Jamal with an axe (during which he accidentally gives I Need Money [Al Shearer] the ability to speak again), but he gets arrested by the Secret Service.

The Vice-President gives Jamal his blessing to date Jamie, and Professor Wood tells Silas that he is giving him an “A” in his class for the truth serum. Huntley tells Silas that he can stay in Harvard for as long as it takes for him to graduate (which, presumably, extends to Jamal), and Lauren officially dumps her snobby boyfriend Bart (Chris Elwood) to hook up with Silas.