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Eve Prescott (Carroll Baker) and Linus Rawlings (Jimmy Stewart) marry and raise two sons on their farm. Linus eventually dies during the Civil War.

Lilith Prescott (Debbie Reynolds) marries her card shark love, Cleve Van Valen (Gregory Peck) and they make and lose several fortunes during their lifetime.

Zeb Rawlings (George Peppard), son of Eve and Linus, joins the army and later becomes a sheriff. When Lilith falls on hard times after Cleve’s death, she invites her nephew to run her ranch.

Zeb has married Julie (Carolyn Jones) and they have three children; Prescott, Linus and little Eve. There is a final shootout on a runaway train with ex-con Charlie Gant  (Eli Wallach) and his gang of thugs before Zeb and his family leave with Lilith and a new life.