Submitted by Barry M

The whole film takes place in one setting between two characters in three acts which can be summarized like this:

Carol (Debra Eisenstadt) is a student of John’s (William H. Macy) at a University, and sues him for sexual harassment after a fairly innocent and lengthy discussion between the two about Carol’s poor grades.

John attempts to be reasonable with Carol and pleads for her to retract the claim, but Carol is malicious and makes no bones about the fact she is trying to ruin John’s career.

Her secret agenda comes out at the end, when she claims to be part of a radical political group aiming for the ban of John’s book, which is used in the University’s curriculum. This sends John into a rage, and when Carol makes one last comment about John not calling his wife “baby” when speaking to her on the phone, John begin to viciously beat Carol over and over. After stopping and realizing what he’s done, he remarks “Oh God, oh God”, to which Carol responds with satisfaction “Yes, that’s right.”

The film ends on a shot of the University’s campus.