Submitted by Alan

Treasury agent Casey (Maggie Grace) discovers her partner, Perkins (Ralph Ineson) is the inside man and the mastermind behind robbing the Alabama Dept of Treasury of $600 million dollars of designated to be shredded cash. Estranged brothers Will (Toby Kebbell), a meteorologist who realizes the hurricane will be more dangerous than previously predicted, and Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) get caught up in the middle of it and help Casey try and stop Perkins and his crew from escaping with the money. They also discover that the town’s entire sheriff’s department is also in on the robbery.

Perkins and his crew load the cash into 3 semi-trailer trucks and drive off with the hurricane following right behind them. Casey, Will, and Breeze manage to commandeer one of the trucks. Perkins’ trailer gets lifted off from his truck by the hurricane and comes crashing back down on his cab, killing him. The rest of his crew and crooked cops are swallowed by the hurricane and perish. Casey, Will, and Breeze escape the hurricane and drive away to safety, saving only one truckload of cash.