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Short pooper:
Bo (real-life Spanish NBA player Juancho Hernangomez, in his film debut) gets drafted into the NBA after a flawless performance at the last-minute demo game concocted by Leon (Kenny Smith), and ends up playing for the Celtics. Stanley (Adam Sandler) also gets rehired as Assistant Coach for the 76ers by Vince’s (Ben Foster) sister, Kat (Heidi Gardner), the new team’s owner.

Longer version:
After Vince’s extremely sleazy move of going public to the media about Bo’s previous assault conviction in Spain, in retaliation for Stanley taking Bo under his wing and grooming him for drafting behind Vince’s back, Bo and Stanley have a fallout. When Stanley is finally able to catch up with him to make amends, they both reveal their past, painful secrets: Bo’s assault charge stemmed from an altercation gone awry between himself and the new boyfriend of Lucia’s (Ainhoa Pillet) mother when she expressed her intention of having the sole custody of the little girl; Stanley confesses his perpetually busted hand was the result of an irresponsible drunk-driving accident that all but ended his playing career, cost his team the championship that year and sent him to jail for 6 months.

Stanley is determined to get Bo back into the NBA Draft Combine, and he and Bo work tirelessly to achieve it, but to no avail. However, Stanley’s daughter and aspiring filmmaker, Alex (Jordan Hull) -who agreed to film Bo’s progress all along-suggests they get Bo exposed to social media to rile up public interest, thus forcing the NBA to acknowledge Bo’s worth. They recruit the help of Julius Erving himself, and the scheme -a viral video sequence known as the “Boa Challenge”, where many players from all walks of life, including 76ers’ own Tobias Harris, showdown with Bo for money- works. Moreover, to boost the young man’s morale, Stanley flies his mother, Paola (Maria Botto), and little Lucia, on his own dime, for support.

On the day of the Combine, Bo impresses everyone with his display of prowess and stealth but ends up showing down with smug, fellow draftee-hopeful Kermit Wilts (Anthony Edwards, also a real-life NBA player), who previously taunted him with all sorts of personal smack talk. Wilts manages to get under Bo’s skin and throw him off his terrific performance shown until then; things come to a head when Bo tackles Wilts to the ground, looking like he will punch him, while Wilts maliciously smiles and throws his hands to the side -to look like the aggravated one-; however, Bo slams his hands furiously on the floor and storms off the game.

Seeing this as the end of the line, Bo decides to go home, and Stanley sees him off. However, as Stanley turns around, Leon calls him and demands Bo be brought back immediately for a last-minute private game he was able to put together, only for higher-ranking NBA people with no press present. They both return; this time around, Bo, with no pressure whatsoever and his confidence in full mode, completely dominates Wilts. Also in attendance is Vince’s sister, Kat, who acknowledges Bo’s talent and reveals that she is taking over the 76ers from Vince -“after his many fuck-ups”- and could use Stanley as Assistant Coach for the team, to which he agrees.

Five months later, it is revealed that Bo was signed by the Boston Celtics, and they are seen having a game against the 76ers; also, Alex has made it into film school. Bo and Stanley reacquaint and friendly tease each other before the game’s start, and Stanley proudly waves at his wife, Teresa (Queen Latifah), at the bleachers. The movie ends with a lively montage of the cameos from all real-life NBA personalities who took part in it.

01 hours 57 minutes