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Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is a liar, con artist and sucker for love. He had a good double life of heterosexual man with a religious wife, Debbie Russell (Leslie Mann), daughter and police life until he found his real mother who gave him up for adoption and got into a really bad car crash.  He decided to move to Miami and live the homosexual life to it’s fullest.  He shared a life with boyfriend, Jimmy Kemple (Rodrigo Santoro).  He nursed Jimmy who died from AIDS then went to jail for his fraudulent ways.  He met his love of his life, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor), in there.

Steven’s next years are spent getting Phillip and him the life they could only dream of.  Eventually they both end up back in jail when Steven’s cons go sour.  Steven fakes his own death via AIDS with forged documents and a great resolve to get out of prison.  Phillip still loves Steven even after all the lies.  Eventually Phillip gets released in 2006.  Steven gets sentenced to life in prison with a 23 hour lock down and one hour a day for a shower and exercise for his mockery of the state of Texas.