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Richard (Thomas Jane), Ron (Jeremy Piven), Jonathan (Rob Lowe) and Tim (Christopher McKay) are friends that have known each other since college who get together for a week every year. Their latest get together is taking place during Tim’s 44th birthday. Though they are happy to see one another, their personal lives are in shambles. Richard is a failed novelist turned schoolteacher, Ron is stealing from his clients to fund his lifestyle, Jonathan is divorced and his practice is where wealthy drug addicts come to get pills and nothing more, and Tim had a polyamorous relationship with a man and woman until he accidentally killed them in a car accident.

Three days into their drug fueled week, Tim hangs himself. When the others discover his body, they find he left behind a note which detailed a pact they made in college; if they hadn’t become who they said they would in 25 years, they would commit suicide together. Ron initially tries to go home, only to learn to the SEC is waiting for him. Unable to face the shame, he asks Richard to smother him to death, which Richard does. Jonathan takes one last call from his son, and after reminding the boy to remember who his real father is, overdoses on drugs.

Laura Boyle (Carlo Gugino) who has noticed their strange behavior over the week confronts Richard on the 7th day. Richard has a breakdown about how he and his friends failed at their dreams and tells Boyle his friends are buried in the backyard (initially leading Boyle to believe he murdered them all). Richard then leads Boyle on a car chase to the Point Sur Lighthouse. Boyle finds the suicide pact note in Richard’s car and realizes what has really happened. She attempts to talk him off the ledge but Richard notes he would “miss his friends too much” and jumps off to his death.