Submitted by Spectre

On the International Space Station, six astronauts, three American and three Russian, have their peaceful research interrupted when the world falls into nuclear conflict. Getting messages from their respective governments, they are told to take the station over by any means necessary.

Nicholai (Costa Ronin) makes the first move, seemingly killing Gordon (Chris Messina) by pushing him off the station while he is outside making a repair. Weronika “Nika” Vetrov (Masha Mashkova), Gordon’s lover, tells Dr. Kira Foster (Ariana DeBose) to take the research the Russians were doing on radiation therapy off the station while she makes a distraction. Instead, horrified by her comrades’ actions, Nika plans to commit a murder/suicide, blowing up the station. Christian (John Gallagher Jr.) is ultimately forced to kill her by caving in her skull.

Nicholai tells his brother Alexey (Pilou Asbæk) that he plans to finish the takeover and kill Kira and Christian. Alexey sees Gordon is still alive and rescues him. When Gordon finds out Nika is dead, he and Nicholai fight, the two killing each other.

Soon after, Kira discovers the samples she tried to recover do actually exist, despite Christian denying they did. It turns out Christian knew they had but having gone insane by the destruction of Earth and most likely his family, has chosen to escape alone. Kira and Alexey team up and reluctantly kill Christian when he tries to stab them.

Communication with their respective mission control resumes, each asking if the other finished taking over the station. Angry and disillusioned, Kira and Alexey refuse to neither answer nor comply. Instead they take the Soyuz rocket with Alexey’s research and free fall back to Earth. With most of the Earth destroyed and their government’s in chaos, Alexey asks where they are going. Kira says she does not know.

01 hours 35 minutes