Submitted by Jeremy

Bea (Cailey Fleming) is a 12-year-old girl dealing with her father having to undergo heart surgery, fearing she might lose him the same way she lost her mother to cancer when she was younger. After moving in with her grandmother Margaret (Fiona Shaw), Bea begins to encounter imaginary friends, or IFs, led by a human man named Cal (Ryan Reynolds). They include a giant purple furry oaf named Blue, an elderly teddy bear named Lewis, and a butterfly dancer named Blossom, and they request Bea’s help in finding them new kids, or else they will be in danger of being forgotten and erased from existence.

Slowly, Bea and the IFs realize they can make their old kids, who are now adults, remember them by triggering their memories. Margaret, who was Blossom’s former kid, remembers her after dancing to classical music, while Blue’s former kid, Jeremy, remembers him after Blue touches his shoulder and helps ease his anxiety at work.

Bea’s father has a health scare at the hospital following his surgery, but he wakes up after Bea tells him a story and says she still needs him. After this, the IFs disappear from her sight, and she later discovers that Cal was her IF as a child. After she closes her eyes and remembers them, Bea thanks them for helping her.

Bea returns home with her father, while Margaret reunites with Blossom. Cal also helps the other IFs reunite with their adult children.

01 hours 44 minutes