Submitted by Joseph C

Tira (Mae West) is a circus performer.  Her lion taming act is a sensation, and she gets a lot of attention from many gentlemen.  One girl who is jealous of all the attention her fiancee is giving to Tira gets her friend Jack Clayton (Cary Grant) to help.  Clayton is very wealthy, and is supposed to buy Tira off.  Instead, Tira and Clayton fall in love and plan to marry.

The circus owner does not want to lose Tira to marriage.  Her old boyfriend Slick Wiley is out of jail, and also does not want her married so he can continue to mooch money off her.  They deceive Clayton into thinking she is just after her for money, and Clayton calls off the wedding.  Tira is heartbroken, and wants to get back at him.  She gets a lawyer and sues him for breach of contract.

Clayton’s lawyer brings all her old flames to paint her as a loose woman who really had no interest in marriage.  Clayton’s lawyer also brings Tira’s maid and close confidante to testify.  This backfires as the maid goes on about how in love Tira was, and how much Clayton meant to Tira.  Clayton is moved by this, and drops his defense of the case.  Clayton and Tira get back together, and it is implied will marry again soon.