Submitted by Jeremy

Riley is now 13 and getting ready to enter high school to play for a hockey team she admires. Once she enters puberty, her old emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear – meet the new emotions – Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment. Riley attends a hockey camp with her best friends Grace and Bree, but she learns they are going to a different high school in the fall. Riley also tries to hang out with Val Ortiz, captain of the Fire Hawks team that she wants to join. She ends up hanging with the Fire Hawks but ends up pushing Grace and Bree away.

Anxiety takes over Riley’s mind and has the original emotions locked away. They escape and try to make their way back to Headquarters, but Joy wants to recover Riley’s Sense of Self that Anxiety threw away to make way for a new one. Sadness makes her way back to try and stop Anxiety’s plans, as she, Envy, and Ennui start negatively affecting Riley’s personality, but Embarrassment tries to help Sadness in secret. Anxiety makes Riley look at her coach’s journal, and after seeing she doesn’t think Riley is ready, it puts extra pressure on Riley to be the best and creates a corrupted and anxious Sense of Self.

During a scrimmage game that will determine Riley’s future on the team, Anxiety’s work and preventing Joy and her friends from returning causes Riley to injure Grace and gets put in the penalty box, resulting in Riley having an anxiety attack. Anger finds a way to get them back to HQ, and Joy manages to pull a repentant Anxiety away from the mind console. With the combined good and bad memories that Joy tried to suppress, a new, more complex Sense of Self is created, allowing Riley to accept her mistakes and play up to her strengths.

Riley reconciles with Grace and Bree as they start school apart, while the new and old emotions now manage to balance Riley’s feelings. It is also implied that Riley made the team in the end.

01 hours 40 minutes