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Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) defeats RoboGadget (also Matthew Broderick) on the Roberto Clemente Bridge and renders him inoperable, and then saves Brenda (Joely Fisher) from Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett) at Claw’s building. Claw ends up caged in the Gadgetmobile, and as police officers under Chief Quimby’s (Dabney Coleman) command arrive to arrest Gadget for the crimes RoboGadget committed in his name, Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg) shows up with Claw’s henchman Sikes (Michael G. Hagerty), whom she had converted to the good side. She tells Quimby that Claw had created RoboGadget to wreak havoc on the town and make her uncle look bad, which Sikes corroborates, and as further proof, he hands over a cyborg foot that Claw had earlier stole from Brenda’s father. Gadget finally gains Quimby’s respect, and he walks off with Brenda while Claw yells at him that he’ll get him next time.

Inspector Gadget, Brenda, and the Gadgetmobile find Dr. Claw and RoboGadget in their limousine, and a high-speed chase ensues. Gadget manages to jump onto the roof of the limo, prompting RoboGadget to get out and confront him. They both fall off of the limo as they go along the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and they duke it out while Brenda and the Gadgetmobile continue pursuing Claw. Gadget emerges victorious when he pulls the pin out of the back of RoboGadget’s neck, disconnecting his head from his body. Gadget throws the head into the river while the body runs away, and then he activates his Gadget-Chopper and flies off after Brenda and Claw.

Meanwhile, Dr. Claw arrives at his building, and after he exits his limo, the Gadgetmobile – unaware that Claw is no longer in it – smashes into it to try to incapacitate him. This act knocks the Gadgetmobile senseless, allowing Claw to seize Brenda and take her in the direction of the roof, where his helicopter is waiting. Penny and Brain arrive shortly afterward to search the building for evidence of Claw’s crimes, and they meet up with Claw’s henchman Sikes as he is trying to get rid of the cyborg foot that Claw had stolen from Brenda’s father. Penny chats with him and manages to appeal to his softer side, and ultimately converts him to the side of good.

Before Claw can escape with Brenda in the helicopter, Gadget shows up. Claw destroys his Gadget-Chopper with a missile and then flies the helicopter towards him. Gadget tries to duck, but Claw hooks him under his coat with one of the landing skids and then flies him over the side of the building, threatening to drop him to the ground far below. Gadget takes out his pen and fires the ink stick into the cockpit, which ricochets around until it hits the shutdown button on Claw’s claw, causing it to crush the controls. Brenda then gets out and jumps on Gadget’s back, and they slide off of the skid and plummet towards the ground. Gadget activates his parasol to slow their descent, and once on the ground, he and Brenda eventually kiss.

Dr. Claw parachutes out of the helicopter, but he lands in the Gadgetmobile, which cages him in. Chief Quimby then arrives with a bunch of officers aiming to arrest Gadget for RoboGadget’s crimes, but Penny shows up with Sikes. She tells Quimby that Claw had created an evil version of her uncle to terrorize the town, and Sikes corroborates her story and hands Quimby the cyborg foot. Gadget finally gains the respect of Quimby and the other officers, and he leaves with Brenda while Claw yells at him that he’ll get him next time. The movie ends with Gadget and Brenda having a romantic moment in front of his house.