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Nick Brenner (Luke Grimes) was a former criminal who turned straight, got an honest job, a good friend in Sal (James Badge Dale), and a lovely wife named Tara (Marguerite Moreau). However, to get that life, he stole and betrayed his former crew, led by Sloan (Frank Grillo).

Sloan, along with Charlie (David Cade) and Bruce (Scott Peat), comes looking for Nick only to find his wife. They kill her and ultimately shoot Nick and leave him for dead after they learn he used the money he stole to buy his house.

Hurt and looking for vengeance, Nick and Sal attempt to track the trio down. However, they unwittingly fall into a trap, and Sal and a hotel clerk are killed. Nick proceeds to kill Charlie and Bruce. When Sloan tries to flee, Nick shoots at his car, ultimately wounding him.

Frank Parson (Robert Taylor), the Sheriff and Nick’s father-in-law, finds him at a cabin he was building. Nick has tortured and butchered Sloan (off-screen) for killing Tara. Frank says he has to take Nick in even if he doesn’t blame him for what he did. Nick says he won’t go back to prison and tells Frank to do what he has to.

Frank ends the film by narrating he served as a lawman for 30 years, and he only ever did one thing wrong, “if you could call it that.” The implication is that he let Nick go.

01 hours 38 minutes