Submitted by Kyle

Michael Hanlon (Tim Reid) is the only one who stays in Derry after he and his friends fought off Pennywise (Tim Curry) when they were kids.

Pennywise comes back 30 years later and starts to kill again.

Michael contacts his friends to come back, because they made a pact to return to Derry if Pennywise came back. All of them come, except Stan Uris, who kills himself after Michael calls him.

As the old friends meet and plan to fight off the demon clown, Michael finds out Stan died.

Henry Bowers (Who Pennywise broke out of an asylum) attacks Michael and puts him in a hospital, but is killed as well.

Richard Tozier’s wife drives to Derry, to find out what’s going on, but on the way there, she is kidnapped by Pennywise.

The friends go to fight Pennywise without Michael and successfully defeat the demon, Eddie Kaspbrak (Dennis Christopher) is killed in the process.

It ends with Richard (Harry Anderson) riding his old bicycle with his wife, who is still in mental shock.

Michael also narrates that Bev Marsh (Annette O’Toole) and Ben Hanscom (John Ritter) were finally married.