Submitted by Jeremy

27 years after the Losers Club defeated the evil clown Pennywise, IT has resurfaced and begun to claim more victims. Mike Hanlon, who never left the town of Derry, becomes aware of IT’s return, and he calls Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Stanley Uris, and Eddie Kaspbrak to come back. All of the Losers return home, except for Stanley, who slits his wrists since he knows he cannot face Pennywise again.

Mike tells the Losers that they can kill Pennywise for good by performing an ancient ritual using artifacts from their childhood. The Losers split up and go around Derry to recover their personal artifacts, all while Pennywise attempts to get back inside their heads and torment them. Meanwhile, psycho bully Henry Bowers escapes from a mental institution to kill the Losers, but he is killed by Richie after an attack.

Bill fails to save a young boy from being a victim of Pennywise, so he and his friends prepare to kill IT once and for all. The ritual turns out to be a dud, and Pennywise takes on his true monstrous form to kill the Losers. They overcome their fears and fight back, but Pennywise fatally impales Eddie. The Losers then force Pennywise to believe that he is small and powerless, and they rip his heart out and destroy him.

The Losers split up once again and go back to their lives, now less afraid than before. Ben and Bev start a relationship, while Richie, who was in love with Eddie, honors his memory. Bill reads a letter that Stanley sent everyone in which he says he died to give the Losers a better chance to fight IT since he knew he was too afraid to go back himself. Mike also ends up leaving Derry for the first time to go see the world.