Submitted by Ellen

Black & white silliness with Dick Powell as Larry Stevens, a news reporter just promoted from obituaries.

After a drunken discussion about time being an illusion, an elderly colleague gives Stevens an edition of “tomorrow’s” paper. Stevens tries to use the knowledge each day to impress his boss by being on the scene for the big stories, but knowing where a robbery will occur just lands him in jail, and knowing the horse race winners gets his winnings stolen. He captures the heart of Sylvia (Linda Darnell at her loveliest) who is half of a fortune-telling vaudeville act, and the elderly colleague is discovered to have died several days earlier. The last paper he was given had his own death making front page headlines, but it was a case of mistaken identity; the dead man is the thief who stole Stevens’ wallet containing the horse track winnings.

With the money gone and the eerie newspapers no longer appearing, Sylvia and Larry realize that their future is wide open for happiness.

The whole story is told in flashback from Sylvia & Larry’s 50th wedding anniversary party.