Submitted by Tornado Dragon

When Anne (Eileen Seeley) is fighting off some of Jack Frost’s killer snowball babies, she throws a daquiri on one of them and it explodes. She goes to the resort bartender Bobby (Tai Bennett) and asks him what was in the daquiri, and he reveals that one of its ingredients was half of a banana. She deduces that since Sam (Chris Allport) is allergic to bananas, and his blood mixed in with the anti-freeze that disposed of Jack in the first film, Jack and the snowballs must now be fatally allergic to bananas.

Sam, Anne, and the others liquify some bananas and use them to kill all of the baby snowballs. After watching one of them die in his hands, Jack goes berserk, killing Bobby and Colonel (Ray Cooney) and then trapping Anne inside of him to suffocate her. However, Sam emerges with a bow and arrow with a banana tied to the arrow, and he shoots it into Jack’s chest, making him explode. Anne is found alive underneath the heap of snow.

The movie closes with them trying to decide on where to go for their next Christmas vacation, with Sam making it clear that going to another island was not an option.