Submitted by Tornado Dragon

*Not to be confused with the horror film released two years earlier under the same name.

During his time as a snowman, Jack (Michael Keaton) is finally able to be a good dad to Charlie (Joseph Cross), and also successfully encourages him to rejoin the hockey team and even goes to see his son win a hockey game on Christmas Eve. However, the weather was starting to get warmer that day, and it threatens to melt Jack away. Charlie decides to take him up to the family cabin in the mountains to prevent this from happening. He tries – without success – to get help from his mom Gabby (Kelly Preston), but with the bully Rory’s (Taylor Handley) help, Charlie and Jack get on a truck heading for the mountains, and they make it to the cabin.

Sometime after they’ve arrived, and Charlie is asleep on the couch, Jack kisses him and says that he tried so hard to make his mark on the world through his music in life, but he knows now that Charlie is his mark on the world. He then calls Gabby – to her shock – to tell her that Charlie was at the cabin and to come get him. Christmas morning, Jack thanks Charlie for allowing him to be a dad, but he had to return to the afterlife now, since he was to only be around until Christmas. He tells Charlie that he loves him and that he will always be with him in his heart, and when Gabby arrives, he assumes human form and tells her he loves her. He bids them both farewell, turns into snow, and disappears with the wind.

It last shows Jack’s friend and band mate Mac (Mark Addy) rediscovering music, and Charlie and Rory have become friends. All is well.