Submitted by Jeremy (Pooper) and Herbmeistr (Longer)

A new killer mimicking the style of John Kramer/Jigsaw emerges, leading detectives on a hunt for a copycat. Meanwhile, four people are trapped in a barn as a result of the terrible things they did. One by one, they perish in Jigsaw’s traps.

It turns out that the scenes in the barn happened ten years earlier, long before the events of the first “Saw” film. The mastermind here is Logan Nelson, a forensic pathologist who set everything up to get back at Detective Halloran, whom Logan knew let true criminals walk free, including the man that murdered Logan’s wife. Logan gets Halloran to confess before leaving him to die.

Longer version:
Just like the prior movies, this one tells two stories: The story of the chosen players of Jigsaw’s games, and the story of the detectives investigating the discovery of bodies that did not survive.

The movie begins with police led by Detective Halloran chasing a suspect to a rooftop. The suspect, Edgar Munsen, triggers a remote before being shot by all officers, though not lethally. Munsen is kept under secure watch at the hospital while Halloran and his partner detective Hunt investigate.

Elsewhere, five people are chained to a wall fixed up with electric buzz saws. When Jigsaw announces the games, four survive the game by making a blood offering on one of the saws, while the fifth wakes up too late and is sawed by the blades. In the next room, a player is killed when injected with acid. In the next room, a hothead player named Ryan gets his leg caught in a wire trap when he tries to leave through a door marked “NO EXIT.” The other two players, Anna and Mitch, get caught in a silo that begins to bury them in grain, and then starts to drop sharp objects on and around them. Ryan is able to free them, but loses his right calf in the process. In the next room, a game for Mitch unfortunately results in him being spiral sliced by a contraption run by a motorcycle, despite Anna’s attempt to save him. Anna tries to escape the barn, but is stuck with a needle by a robed individual wearing a pig mask. She wakes up in a room with Ryan, both chained to either side, with the robed figure in the middle.

After each death, we are shown bodies discovered and reported to detectives Halloran and Hunt, who bring them to medical examiner Logan Nelson and his resident pathologist Eleanor. The bodies are discovered in the same order of the first three deaths, and each bearing a jigsaw-shaped carve-out of their skin. Halloran begins to investigate on suspicion of the pathologists, Nelson being an old army buddy of Hunt’s in Fallujah. Nelson claimed to have been captured and tortured by the Taliban during his tour. Eleanor, as it turns out, is a Jigsaw enthusiast who replicated several of his devices for a personal collection, claiming to never have an interest in using them. When the third body shows up mangled by the same device Eleanor has in her loft, Hunt and Halloran move to capture them. However, Eleanor and Nelson are one step ahead and find the barn, coincidentally on the Tuck farm (property of the family of Jigsaw’s wife/widow). When Halloran confronts them, Eleanor escapes while he and Nelson fight each other, resulting in both being knocked out. They wake up in the same room where Ryan and Anna were.