Submitted by Alex

Joe Bell (Mark Wahlberg) is walking across the country giving speeches and talks about bullying and tolerance in honor of his son Jadin (Reid Miller), who is walking with him. Flashbacks reveal that Jadin was brutally bullied at school for being gay, and while his mother Lola (Connie Britton) was supportive, Joe was embarrassed of Jadin and not very sympathetic. Jadin eventually could not take the constant harassment and committed suicide.

The Jadin walking with Joe is a figment since Jadin had actually died and the walk is happening in honor of his life. Joe comes to realize that he made Jadin’s situation about himself and should have been there more for Jadin. Before Joe can complete his walk across the country, he is hit and killed by a truck whose driver had fallen asleep.

The film ends with footage of the real Bell family.

01 hours 30 minutes