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In his vendetta against The High Table, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) kills The Elder in Morocco. As a result, The High Table employs the Marquis De Gramont (Bill Skarsgard), who has Winston (Ian McShane) declared excommunicado and has the New York Continental condemned and destroyed, and The Marquis also kills Charon the concierge to throw salt on the wound. John seeks sanctuary at the Osaka Continental, managed by his friend Shimazu Koji, but The Marquis’s henchman Chidi and his goons show up and lay waste to Koji’s men, while John returns the favor to those men. A blind, retired assassin, Caine (Donnie Yen), is also hired by The Marquis to kill John, threatening the life of Caine’s daughter Mia if he refuses. Koji helps John get away, but Caine kills Koji in a duel. Meanwhile, a tracker, “Mr. Nobody” (Shamier Anderson), travels with his German shepherd to go after John, but he ends up helping John more because he finds the bounty on him to be too low.

Per Winston’s suggestion, John must challenge The Marquis to a High Table duel if he wants his freedom. The only way to get approval is from an assassin family. John goes to the Ruska Roma in Berlin, but they are against him since his killing of The Elder led to the killing of that family’s head. His adoptive sister Katia tells John to kill the man who murdered her father. John finds the man, a German High Table member named Killa. John kills him and gets the Ruska Roma’s approval.

John issues his challenge to The Marquis, who goes through with it but knows what would happen if John succeeds. He deploys Chidi and hordes of assassins to go after John so that he does not make it to the location of the duel (the Sacre-Coeur) and must either die or forfeit. Naturally, John Wick kills anyone that stands in his way, and he is also helped by Mr. Nobody after John helps save his dog from Chidi. Nobody kills Chidi after he had previously hurt the dog.

John and Caine engage in the duel, with Caine fatally wounding John. The Marquis tries to get the killing shot, but since John didn’t fire his last round, he saves it for The Marquis’s head. John and Caine are freed from their obligations to The High Table, but John dies peacefully after remembering his wife Helen. Winston and The Bowery King bury John next to Helen, and Bowery King takes care of John’s dog while Winston gets his hotel back.

Caine attempts to reunite with his daughter, but Koji’s daughter Akira goes after him for revenge.

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