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King Kong

Carl Denham (Jack Black), furious that his movie will never be made, has Kong captured, and puts him on display in a garish public spectacle in New York City. Kong escapes his chains, and goes on a rampage until he finds Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) on the streets. They go off alone and have a good old time together, but their fun is cut short by an attack from the U.S. Army. To protect Ann, Kong climbs the skyscraper that most resembles his home–the Empire State Bulding. Once there, an all-out attack by military aircraft mortally wounds the ape. Kong gently places Ann down, and falls to his death, just as Jack Driscoll (Adrian Brody) makes it to the top of the building to get Ann. While reporters are getting their photo-ops with the dead ape, one person regards how the airplanes finally got Kong. Denham arributes the ape’s fall to his infatuation with Ann, but in a perfect example of hubris, can’t seem to appreciate the fact that it was his own desire for glory that killed Kong.