Submitted by Jeremy

Centuries after the death of Caesar, apes have fully evolved and split off into clans. One young ape, Noa (Owen Teague), is part of the Eagle Clan that trains eagles by bonding with them. The clan is attacked by apes serving Proximus Caesar (Kevin Durand), a tyrannical ape that twisted the teachings of Caesar to his benefit. Noa’s father Koro is killed by Proximus’s general Sylva (Eka Darville), and the rest of his clan is taken to Proximus’s settlement.

Noa teams up with an orangutan named Raka (Peter Macon), who respects the actual ways of Caesar (specifically the relationship between humans and apes being equal), as well as a young human woman named Mae (Freya Allan), who is seeking other humans. Sylva and his apes corner them, and Raka is killed by drowning in the river after saving Mae.

Noa and Mae are taken to Proximus’s camp, where he is attempting to open the doors to a vault containing human technology that he plans to exploit in his attempts at total conquest over apes. After realizing that Proximus’s ways are wrong, he learns that Mae is hoping to find a “book” inside the vault that can help humans communicate once again. They team up with Noa’s friends Soona and Anaya to plant explosives on the nearby dam and make their way into the bunker. The apes learn that their ancestors were kept in cages while humans were dominant, and Mae’s “book” is a deciphering key.

Proximus and his apes corner the heroes, but Mae blows the dam to flood the bunker so that Proximus cannot get his hands on the tech or weapons inside. His apes are killed while Noa and his friends lead their clan to climb to safety. Proximus attacks Noa, but he and the apes utilize their clans songs to guide their eagles to attack Proximus and send him falling to his death.

Noa leads the apes him to rebuild, while Mae goes to find a human settlement and bring them the key so that they can contact other human survivors.

02 hours 25 minutes