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Everything comes to a head at “the camp” (a place in town where the students hang out together in tents and usually have sex in them) at dawn following prom night.

After spending the night traveling around to different parties with his friends, receiving advice from different people, spending some wonderful personal time with Marcy, and almost getting intimate with Trina in her tent at the camp, Sketch comes to accept that Marcy is the woman he should really be with, not Trina, and they become a couple by the end of the film. Sketch’s friend Histry and Marcy’s friend Akita end up realizing that they are attracted to each other as well and get intimate, and Random meets and sleeps with “Destiny,” a stripper and prostitute he had been wanting to hook up with all week.

Just after Sketch has accepted that Marcy is the right woman for him and he has stepped out of Trina’s tent, he is confronted by Trina’s ex-boyfriend Mario and his friends, and Mario is intent on beating him up for both “stealing” Trina from him and for making him look like a punk in front of his friends earlier in the movie. Trina then emerges and orders Mario to get away from Sketch, but Mario insults her and tells her to step aside before he beats her up, too. Destiny then emerges from the tent that she is sharing with Random nearby, having heard what Mario just said, and she reveals herself to be Mario’s mother when she scolds him for his behavior and then forces him to come home with her. Mario’s friends then get arrested for stealing stuff from a house hosting a graduation party that they went to at the beginning of the film.

As Sketch, Marcy, Random, Histry, Akita, and Trina drive off together to get breakfast, Sketch narrates to the viewer that the important thing to note from this story is that his ego almost made him miss the girl of his dreams, and that is just plain stupid. He then encourages the viewer to never be blinded by their own vision, or they just may walk past Mr. or Mrs. Right.

While attending Eric’s (Derek McKeith) secret party at their school’s library, Sketch (Jeramie Gladman) gets some alone time with Trina (Nicole Pulliam) and confesses to her that he has feelings for her. However, as he moves in to kiss her, she gets a call from Crash (Mark Sams-Smith), the friend of her estranged boyfriend, Mario (Keely Watson), who tells her that Mario – who is at Big Mike’s (Peter Washington) party – wants to see her as well as apologize to her for cursing her out earlier in the night. After informing her that he is waiting downstairs to take her to him, she agrees to come. She tells Sketch about this, but he protests her decision to leave, telling her that she is leaving him to go to a guy that everybody knows is wrong for her, and he wants her to stay with him because he likes her for who he knows she really is. She kisses him on the cheek, promises to come back later, and takes off. Soon afterwards, Marcy (Chastity Dotson) stops Trina and tries to get her to understand that Mario will never stop being who he is no matter what she does for him, but Trina soon resumes walking towards Crash’s car. Afterwards, Marcy sits with Akita (LaMonica Peters) across from Sketch and Random (Chauncey Nichols), and she admits to Akita that she has liked Sketch for a long time.

Shortly after Trina enters Crash’s car, Crash tries to force himself onto her, but she stops him by grabbing and squeezing his testicles. She then forces him out of the car and drives off with it. While Sketch is hanging with Random, Eric appears and sits between them, and Sketch complains to him that he is falling for Trina but she doesn’t seem to want him. Eric replies that Trina has too many hang-ups with her identity and what he really needs is a girl who is more his speed. Sketch soon goes into one of the reading rooms to sulk alone, but Marcy comes in to talk to him. She asks him why he didn’t go to the prom earlier that night, and he replies that he didn’t want to have the memory of being at the prom with anyone other than Trina. After chatting for a bit about the prom and about how much they will miss high school, Sketch says that he pretty much came in here to sulk and forget about all the positive stuff, but Marcy tells him that she can’t let him do that. When he asks her why, she answers that she can tell him right now that Trina isn’t coming back here. However, Sketch continues to talk about Trina, and he then asks Marcy to tell him everything she knows about her. Marcy agrees to, but on the condition that they have a slow dance together here and now.

When Trina arrives at Big Mike’s party, she finds Mario having sex with their classmate, Heather (Laila Landon), and heads straight out the door. He stops her outside to try to explain himself, but she declares to him that their relationship is irredeemably finished. Meanwhile, Histry (Chason Bridgman) attempts to get physical with Katelyn (Gina Hiraizumi), a classmate that he has been lusting after, but the sex session quickly goes bust when she smacks him hard in the face with her big breasts and he loses his erection because of it. While telling Random about this unfortunate event afterwards, Random gets a page from “Destiny,” a stripper and prostitute that he has been trying to contact all week, and he tells Histry that he has to go and that he will meet back up with him and Sketch later. Sketch and Marcy are then shown kissing, but when things start to get a little hot and heavy between them, Marcy voices how hesitant she now is and brings up to Sketch how he was talking about Trina not that long ago, and she tells him that she doesn’t want to wake up tomorrow feeling like what they are doing right now meant nothing to him. Sketch replies that he can’t think of anywhere else he would rather be than here, but moments later, Marcy gets a call from Trina. Trina tells her about how she caught Mario cheating on her, then says that she is up at the camp right now and wishes to talk to Sketch. Marcy tries to discourage her from doing so, explaining that she doesn’t sound good right now and that she might come across as unstable to him. Trina asks her to ask Sketch to come meet her at the camp, then hangs up. Marcy then lies to Sketch by telling him that Trina told her that she is okay and is with Mario now, but when he starts kissing her again, she admits that she just lied to him and that Trina is actually at the camp and wants him to come over and see her. She then notices that he has a look in his eyes that says, “how do I get out of this situation without hurting Marcy’s feelings?,” so she just tells him to go see Trina. Sketch tells her that he really likes her, which she returns, but then she asks him to be honest with her and admit that he wants to go to Trina, and he admits that he does. Her feelings now hurt, Marcy reiterates for him to go see Trina and walks away.

Marcy goes outside and soon comes across Sandra (Nefatiti Mills), a classmate whom Sketch had a past drunken fling with and whom had earlier confessed her love to him, but he didn’t reciprocate. They get to talking, and Sandra tells Marcy that she saw her with Sketch and feels that they make a great couple, but Marcy informs her that nothing is going on between them. Sandra tells her that Sketch is a sweet guy, but sometimes he is a little stupid because he thinks he knows what he wants when he really doesn’t. Sandra then asks Marcy where he is, and she replies that he is probably on his way to the camp to be with Trina. Sandra then hands her a box that she has with her, and she tells her that this box contains everything she needs to get Sketch back (she clearly planned to use the box’s contents herself, but now no longer needs to since Sketch made it clear to her that he didn’t want her).

Sketch meets with Trina as dawn is breaking, and she takes him into her tent. However, as she starts to feel him up, he finds that his conscience is wrestling with his sex drive, having come to develop serious feelings for Marcy and knowing that, if he sleeps with Trina, he will never have a chance with her. Then, out of nowhere, he calls Trina “Marcy,” and after realizing what he just said, he explains to Trina that he thought that this was what he wanted, but then he got to know Marcy, and he guesses that he came here because he needed to be sure that Marcy is the one he should really be with. Angry with him but accepting his decision, Trina tells him to go find Marcy because Marcy isn’t as forgiving as she is. However, moments after Sketch steps outside her tent, Mario pulls up in his van with his friends, and after his friends seize Sketch, Mario angrily tells him that he is going to whup his butt for both “stealing” Trina from him and making him look like a punk in front of his friends (which occurred earlier in the movie). Though the panicked Sketch informs him that nothing happened between him and Trina, Mario couldn’t care less. Trina then emerges and orders Mario to get away from Sketch, but Mario insults her and tells her to step aside before he beats her up, too. Suddenly, his mother (Kim Williams) comes out of another tent with Random, revealing that she is the “Destiny” that he is hooking up with, and she scolds Mario for his behavior before forcing him to come home with her. Shaggy (Charles Larroza) then appears with a couple of cops, knowing that Mario and his crew robbed his house during his party that he held at the start of the night’s festivities, and after he sees that the stolen items are still in the van, the cops arrest Mario’s guys.

Marcy then shows up wearing a dress and looking very beautiful, and Sketch quickly takes notice of this and walks up to her. He compliments her on her appearance, but she tells him that she feels terrible, and while she was on her way over here, she was so determined to figure out how she could win him back, but now, she realizes that he just isn’t worth it. Sketch apologizes to her, then informs her that the time he spent with her last night was the best time he had in all of his years at Kingston High, and he understands now that SHE is all that he has been looking for; he was just so wrapped up with Trina for so long that it was hard for him to think of anyone else. He explains that he came here to meet Trina both because of his ego and a stupid bet that he made with his friends (where they bet each other that, whoever gets some action first that night, will win $100), but what he has realized is that none of that matters; the only thing that matters to him is her and he wants for them to be together and she must believe that. Incredulous, she asks him how he could want to start a meaningful relationship with her when he just slept with her best friend, but he assures her that he hasn’t slept with Trina at all, and they give each other a loving hug. Akita then appears in the back of Sketch’s car with Histry, having just hooked up with him (she earlier admitted to Trina and Marcy that she liked him), and she suggests to Sketch, Marcy, and Histry that they, Random, and Trina all get breakfast, which they all agree to do.

As the gang drives away, Sketch narrates that the important thing to note here is that his ego almost made him miss the girl of his dreams, and that is just plain stupid. He then encourages the viewer to never be blinded by their own vision, or they just may walk past Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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