Submitted by Jen

Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a narf (from the blue world, or ocean), who has come to inspire Vick (Shyamalan) to write a book that will inspire a little boy in the future who will, as a result of Vick’s thoughts, change the world. Cleveland (Paul Giamatti), the apartment super where Vick lives, helps her in her mission because he’s the one who discovers her swimming around the apartment pool. She’s supposed to be carried away safely by a huge eagle back home, but a renegade scrunt (big grass covered wolf-like thing) is trying to kill her because she’s a madame narf (like a queen, but she didn’t know it). To get her home, Cleveland has to find her Guardian (who turns out to be Reggie, the dude that works out ony half his body), her Healer (which turns out to be Cleveland), her Interpreter (the crossword puzzle guy’s son), and her Guild (Vick’s sister, Anna, the Asian daughter, Young-Soon, and the 5 Perez sisters). With the help of these people, Cleveland is able to deceive the scrunt and get her home. The scrunt then gets killed by the tartutics (scary wolf-like monkeys) for disobeying the rules.