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Lathe of Heaven

Dr. Haber (James Caan) uses his ‘augmentor’ on himself in an attempt to duplicate George Orr’s (Lukas Haas’) ability to turn dreams into reality, and to make a “perfect” world (with Haber at the epicenter, of course). Things go awry, Haber’s dreaming begins to wreak havoc on the space/time continuum, and Heather Lelache (Lisa Bonet) is killed in a riot. Simultaneously, George sleeps and dreams, but it is unclear whether his subconscious is aware of Haber’s tampering with reality, or if he takes any action. When George awakes the next morning, he has apparently lost his talent, as well as any memory of ever having had it. He goes to the hospital where he volunteers as a therapist, and meets his new client, a “Doctor” Haber, who has the intellectual capacity of a five-year-old and no ability to form memories. The two of them go to lunch, and they meet Heather Lelache, who in the new reality is a waitress at a restaurant. After dropping Haber back at the hospital, George returns to the restaurant to ask Heather for a date. (In a bizarre side plot that contributes nothing to the main story, it appears that Mannie (David Straithairn) may be God, because it’s implied that he sees, understands and remembers all of the alterations in reality.)

This movie is a remake of a 1980 original.