Submitted by Tornado Dragon

The Sawyers kill Ryan (William Butler) in front of Michelle (Kate Hodge), but before Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff) can kill her with his chainsaw, Benny (Ken Foree) – hearing the noise of the chainsaw coming from the house – opens fire from outside with his rifle. He kills Mama (Miriam Byrd-Nethery), shoots off Tinker’s (Joe Unger) left ear and two of his fingers, and partially destroys Grandpa’s body. Michelle rips herself free from the chair she is nailed to and tries to escape the house, but Tex (Viggo Mortensen) stops her. She stabs him with a knife sitting on a nearby table, then gets out and joins Benny.

Leatherface gets out of the house and into Tinker’s truck, and as he starts it up, Benny tells Michelle to run into the woods. He then tries to shoot Leatherface, but finds he is out of bullets, and Leatherface runs him over, stunning him. Leatherface gets out of the truck, grabs his chainsaw, and goes after Michelle. Tex then attacks Benny, and they fight until Benny manages to cover Tex in gasoline and then light him with a lighter.

Leatherface catches up to Michelle in a swamp, but before he can kill her, Benny comes to her rescue. He fiercely fights Leatherface until he apparently gets killed when Leatherface forces his head into the blade of the chainsaw. Leatherface then turns his attention back to Michelle, who ends up bashing him in the head several times with a large rock, knocking him out. She then leaves him to drown in the swamp water.

In the morning, Michelle reaches the main road and stops to rest on an abandoned tire. Alfredo’s (Tom Everett) truck then pulls up in front of her, which she discovers is being driven by Benny, who had survived with just a few bad cuts. He puts her in the truck, but just as he is about to get in himself, Alfredo – whom Benny had presumably drowned in a swamp earlier on – appears and knocks out Benny. He then attacks Michelle, but she manages to get a hold of a shotgun resting in the rear window and shoots and kills him. She puts Benny in the truck and they depart moments later, unaware that, a short distance behind them, Leatherface has showed up, chainsaw in hand….

01 hours 25 minutes